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The Stallions



ASPC/AMHR 6/2010 38" Black Pinto
Sire: JC Winnie Walker
Dam: Hite's LW My Oh My

Color tested: aa, EE, n/T


DNA On File



-2022 AMHR Nationals Reserve Champion Producer & Multi Top Ten Producer-

- 2021 AMHR Nationals Top Ten Producer-

-2020 AMHR Nationals Sweepstakes Champion Producer & Multi Top Ten-

-2019 Multi Grand Champion & Supreme Champion Producer Overseas-

-2019 AMHR Nationals 2X Reserve Champion & Top Ten Producer-

-2018 Multi Grand Champion& Supreme Champion Producer Overseas- 

-2017 Multi Champion, Grand Champion, & Champion of Champions Producer Overseas-

-2016 AMHR National 3rd place in Get Of Sire!-

-2013 Multi Champion, Champion of Champions, AMHR Nationals & Congress Multi Top Ten-

-2012 ASPC Congress Champion 2yr old, Jr Champion , & Reserve GRAND Champion Classic Stallion-


Handsome is a incredible stallion who is beautiful, super sweet, and who has exceeded my every expectations I've ever had! 

The first time I laid eyes on him was when he was a yearling and at a small Montana local show and it was instant love at first site. I approached his owner asking if he was for sale and sadly she told me he was not, I told her if he EVER comes available even as a co owner opportunity to let me know. A few months later she contacted me asking if i was interested in co owning and of course I jumped on it! Little did I know not long after committing to the co ownership that Id get the chance to buy out her half and own him completely! 

Before Handsome came into my life I was breeding miniature horses and never thought of owning a Shetland, but he forever changed my life and vision. I started looking for a couple select mares for Handsome which lead me to Rocking Horse Acres in Maryland. While talking with Pam Walsh I mentioned Handsome and she had told me that her son James had liked Handsome when he saw him at Nationals. Not long after talking with James Handsome was on his way to join his show string and the rest is history! James lead Handsome to many Champion titles along with winning ASPC Congress Reserve GRAND Champion as a 2 year old. 

Handsome came home in 2013 after finishing his senior year showing and bred his first mares in 2014. His first foal crop blew me away to say the least! They were all shown and did very well and sold to show homes with one of them, MJM Cuz The Chicks Dig It selling overseas. His foal crops from 2016 and 2017 didn't disappoint either with many of them winning in the show ring, selling to show homes, and another one from each year selling overseas and winning BIG in the International show rings. 


Handsome has made an incredible name for him self in a short time and I'm forever grateful to have such an amazing stallion who has forever changed my life. 

Handsomes bloodlines consist of  ZJ's Windwalker (HOF) 2x , Kewpie's Classic Mucho Of Arenosa (HOF) 2x, Grahams Classic Entertainer (HOF), & Winks Showdeo Kid II ! 



 Handsome is HOMOZYGOUS black and heterozygous tobiano!

Junior Stallions

MJM Dark N Daunting

AMHR/ASPC 4/21/20 36"" Black Colt
Sire: Firefalls Walkers Dark N Handsome
Dam: CLC N' Sha Boogi Bopp

Color tested: aa, Ee,

DNA On File

-2020 AMHR Sweepstakes Champion!

-2020 AMHR Nationals Multi Top Ten

-2021 AMHR Multi Champion, Res. & Grand Champion

-2021 AMHR Multi National Top Ten

-2022 AMHR National Reserve Champion & Top Ten-



MJM Talk Dirt E To Me

AMHR/ASPC 2/27/2021 Silver Bay Splash Colt
Sire: JHK Rock E Mr. Candyman (HOF)
Dam: Royal Sweet Talker 

Color tested: AA, Ee, nZ, n/SW1


Boast the bloodlines of Rock "E" and Royal pony!

-2022 AMHR National Futurity Champion, National Champion Solid Color and Muti Top Ten-

Not For Sale 

Lab tested Silver Bay Splash!!! 

Reference Sire's


AMHR/ASPC 3/2007 37.25" Bay Blue Eyes
Sire: B & L Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF)
Dam: Ford's Texas Candy (HOF)

2009 ASPC Congress Grand Champion & Pony Of The Year!

Lab tested Heterozygous Splash!

DNA On File

Sold Overseas 2022



 Candyman is sired by the late great B & L's Rock "E" Mr. Morgan (HOF) who sired many Congress and National Champions and who has get all over the world.

Candyman had a GREAT show career and boasts the title of Congress GRAND Champion & Pony Of The Year!

Candyman has sired incredible foals who have brought home many Champion titles themselves.



-2019 AMHR & ASPC Multi Champion Producer-

-2018 AMHR Res. GRAND Champion Producer, ASPC Multi Champion & GRAND Champion Producer-

-2017 AMHR Multi Champion, Grand Champion, and Supreme Champion- 

-2016 AMHR National Champion Model Stallion-

-2016 AMHR National 3rd place in Amateur & Open-

-2016 Multi Champion, Grand Champion, & Champion of Champions!

-2015 ASPC Area 1 National Classic Grand Champion Sire

 -2013 Multiple Champion of Champions & Multiple Grand Champion Stallion!

Lab tested Heterozygous Black & Tobiano! 



ASPC/AMHR 2012 35.5" Black Pinto W/Blue Eye
Sire: SMHCs Freedoms Nicodemus
Dam: Currys Northern Rose





SRF Aristocrat

AMHA/AMHR 5/1/1997 32.25" Black
Sire: NFC Rowdy's Hot Shot
Dam: Ruby's Sapphire Light

AMHA World Champion Producing Stallion!!
2009 Top Ten Futurity sire!




*Pictured in all Natural condition at the age of 18!! 

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