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The Mares


Royal Gold Glitters (HOF)

AMHR/ASPC 6/6/02  37.75" Silver Buckskin
Sire: Royal Bold Gold
Dam: Royal Impressive Heather

Color tested: Ee, AA,nCr, nSB1

MULTI Congress & National Champion!

Not For Sale

In foal to JHK Rock E Mr Candyman for 2023





Lee-Land /Erica's Spun Taffy


AMHR/ASPC 6/7/08 37.5" Palomino Sabino
Sire: Royal Spun Gold

Dam: Lee-Land Karml

Color tested: ee, AA, nSb1


National Champion ,Congress Champion, and Congress Res. Sr. Champion



CLC 'N Sha Boogi Bopp


AMHR/ASPC 2006 34-35" Chestnut
Sire: Bristol Pepito - TRIPLE Reg. 

Dam: Bristol Roseta (HOF) 

Color tested: ee,aa,nZ


DNA On File

Multi Champion Mare

2017 Multi Champion & Grand Champion

2020 AMHR Sweepstakes Champion Producer!

2021 AMHR Multi Champion & GRAND Champion! 

2022 AMHR Res. National Champion producer

Erica's Trotters Kaleidoscope

AMHR/ASPC 4/29/2020 37"  Black Splash

Sire: Erica's Tiny Trotter Of Wallstreet 
Dam: Erica's Pharaohs Pride & Joy 

Color tested: aa, Ee, SW1/SW1

Not For Sale

Multi CHAMPION parents!! 

Unanimous 1st all the way to GRAND and 1 SUPREME CHAMPION at the SRMHC Show! 

Unanimous 1st all the way to GRAND at NIIBHS! 

RHA Miss Sassy Pants

AMHR/ASPC 2020 35" Buckskin Roan

Sire: RHA Trou Dangerous Mood (HOF)
Dam: RHA Miss Fancy Boots

Color tested: Ee, Aa, nCr

Granddaughter of Superior Sire RHA Unique Troubadour! 

Not For Sale!


RHA Dangerous Curves

AMHR/ASPC 5/21/2019 35" Black

Sire: RHA Trou Dangerous Mood (HOF)
Dam: Wa-Full Wally's Native Dancer

Granddaughter of Superior Sire RHA Unique Troubadour! 

NOT For Sale

MJM Feel N Fancy

AMHR/ASPC  4/5/21 36" Bay Pinto Sabino
Sire: Firefalls Walkers Dark N Handsome
Dam: Royal Obsession

Color tested: Aa, EE, nSb1

Incredible! A tiny Colorful Dream filly!! 


2021 AMHR Nationals Multi Top 6

Lab tested Bay Pinto Sabino Homozygous BLACK!! 



Royal Sweet Talker


AMHR/ASPC 5/29/2009 37" Silver Red Sabino
Sire: Royal Firecracker 

Dam: Royal Shimmer


DNA On File

After 2 Colic surgeries within a years time and 4 months in foal during her second, Talker has defied all odds and survived and carried her foal full term! She is sadly retired now but I'm beyond grateful she is still here and went out with a BANG with her last foal! 

Full sister to Multi National Champion & National Pleasure Driving Stakes GRAND Champion driver Royal Authentic Gold! 

Lab tested Heterozygous Sabino!

*2017 Multi AMHR National Top 10 Producer*

*2018 Supreme Champion Producer Overseas*

*2019 Multi Grand & Supreme Champion Producer Overseas

*2022 AMHR 2x National Champion Producer*



Erica's Somethin' Bout Platinum


AMHR/ASPC 6/13/15 38" Silver Perlino Sabino  
Sire: Erica's Rip Ride and RockIT (HOF)

Dam: Erica's Spun Taffy 

Color tested: Ee, Aa, CrCr, nZ, nSb1

DNA On File

Confirmed To Handsome 2023

Great grand daughter of Bar-G's Rock "E" (HOF)!!

Lab tested Silver Perlino Sabino

*2019 AMHR Nationals 2X Res. Champion Producer! 

*2020 AMHR Nationals Reserve Champion Produce Of Dam*


Sundance LB Serendipity


 ASPC/AMHR 4/19/05 Strawberry Roan Sabino Overo
Sire: Kewpie's Diamond Gem Mystery

Dam: Sundance LB Over The Rainbow

In foal to Firefalls Walkers Dark N Handsome for 2023



The  Junior Mares

MJM Sugar N Spice

AMHR/ASPC  4/10/21 31" Bay Blue Eye Filly
Sire: Firefalls Walkers Dark N Handsome
Dam: Snowy Acres Sugar

Stunning Filly!

Philharmonic & Windwalker Granddaughter


Co-Owned with Erin Moore of Tru Vision Training Center 


MJM Bad N Boujee

AMHR/ASPC  4/9/22 Black Filly
Sire: Firefalls Walkers Dark N Handsome
Dam: MJM Unique Seduction

Double Futurity Nominated.


-2022 AMHR National Top Ten-


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